Primary School – Foundational Learning

At Study Point, we believe that the early learning stages are the most critical. That’s why:

  • - We give careful one-to-one mentoring, to boost grades.

  • - Our teaching programs and resources improve academic performance.

  • - We track student progress and keep parents informed.

  • - We reward our students to give them motivation.

  • - Our seminars and workshops improve student understanding.

  • - We teach students to set high goals and achieve them.

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High School – Accelerated Tutoring

Study Point delivers a quality education, providing full support to our students. That’s why:

  • - We teach ahead of the regular school program.

  • - Our mentors clearly explain concepts.

  • - Our lessons are longer, focusing on careful personal assistance.

  • - Our exclusive seminars and workshops help put our students ahead.

  • - Our expert resources and tests push our students to the top of their classes.

  • - We track students’ progress and help set high goals.

  • - We focus on preparing our students for the HSC and beyond.

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HSC / VCE - Success Maximisation

We are passionate about helping HSC / VCE students rise to the top of the state ranks. That’s why:

  • - We give a competitive edge by limiting our number of students.

  • - Students have exclusive access to seminars that clarify how the HSC works.

  • - We run regular workshops to boost understanding and revision.

  • - Formal HSC trial exams and other tests are hosted in a strict exam setting.

  • - Your mentors are trained to equip your achievement of excellent marks.

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Tertiary – Supportive Guidance

We understand the importance of strong academic records at university and other tertiary courses. That’s why:

  • - Our student marks skyrocket through one-to-one mentoring.

  • - We provide superior study notes and resources.

  • - Our career advisory service is always available.

  • - We equip our students for successful academic lives.

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