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Study Point takes you to the top of your class, through personal attention and individualised teaching. Our specialised lessons push you to excellence. Study Point Mentors are skilled in explaining the toughest concepts- to boost your rankings and marks. Careful planning meets your individual needs and helps you improve.



We set big goals for you, and help you achieve them. We never lose sight of our mission: to push our students to the leading ranks. Study Point helps tap into your maximum potential, reaching extraordinary results. Our students are among the best, with exceptional marks and strong achievements.



Study Point is an experience of innovative mentoring that rewards you. Your skyrocketing results will be combined with fun rewards to help you keep pushing. Check out our rewards catalogue.

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  • Organisation and convenience in tutoring is a key aspect of teaching that Study Point excels in. High quality tutors are chosen based on the local area and attend to students in the comfort of their own homes. Not only is this convenient for the parents but students are also at ease to connect to the mentor in a familiar environment.

    Kevin Quach, Mentor

  • I have significantly improved my essay writing abilities in Advanced English thanks to the personalised teaching methods which Study Point utilises. My marks have increased by an average of 25% across my tutored subjects (Advanced English and Legal Studies). I recommend Study Point’s one on one tuition service to all HSC students.

    Jonathan Jabbour, Year 12

  • Since starting with Study Point, I have significantly broadened my academic skillset. This has been especially apparent in exam conditions. I have been equipped with the skills and confidence that I needed going into the HSC. I have also gained a critical level knowledge in each of my tutored subjects. Thank you Study Point!

    Alma Pranoto, Year 12

  • Study Point has played a vital role in enabling me to boost my marks. Thanks to the support from my mentor, I now approach mathematics and assessments with confidence, knowing I will do well. I can now go into my HSC with confidence knowing Study Point will be by my side.

    Sylvia El-Chammas, Year 10

  • Tutoring with study point has allowed me to share my knowledge and experience with students to help them achieve their maximum potential. Studypoint provides an unparalleled service as it not only ensures students achieve their academic goals, it also understands and actively seeks to help students overcome the often overlooked strains of student life.

    Chris Khatouki, Mentor

  • Prospective students will benefit by having professional, client-centred service at the comfort of their own homes, allowing the student, parents and mentor to have a collaborative relationship. Communication about student progression is immediate and regular. Parents also can have a more proactive role in their child's educational journey and the mentor becomes the student's teacher and role model.

    Elaine Li, Mentor

  • Through intense skill development and revision work Study Point has helped me to achieve higher marks across all of my subjects. With my mentors' help, I now feel ready to face the HSC with confidence. While I use to struggle with exam strategy, after Study Point's help, I am now looking forward to the Study Point mock HSC trial exams as another opportunity to prove my knowledge and skill level.

    Michael Hanna, Year 11

  • Study Point helped me increase my average mathematics mark by 30%. I now have a clear understanding of concepts that I used to think were complicated. The help and the confidence that I have gained for the rest of my high school years is immeasurable. Thank you Study Point!

    James Azzi, Year 10